Bed Bug Treatment Suffolk NY

Who should you call for bed bug treatment Suffolk, NY residents trust? When locals are in search for of bed bug removal, bed bug treatment, or a bed bug exterminator, they know that The Bug Stops Here in Suffolk NY is the best choice. All of our bed bug exterminator professionals have an intensive knowledge base about the insect, which makes The Bug Stops Here, located in Suffolk, NY, a highly efficient bed bug removal service.

One of the most important things a bed bug exterminator will learn is how to properly identify the insect and apply a bed bug treatment to eradicate the pests. At the Bug Stops Here, our team of bed bug exterminators will look for key characteristics to indicate that the insect is in a fact a bed bug.

  • Characteristics of an adult bed bug:
  • ¼ to ⅜ inch long
  • wingless
  • oval body
  • dark red to brown coloring.
  • hiding in the tufts, seams, and folds of a mattress or bed sheet
  • immature bed bugs are a lighter yellow color

Bed bug exterminators, at The Bug Stop Here, are also well aware of the damage that a bed bug infestation may inflict and work to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.

If think you are in need of a bed bug exterminator, call our Suffolk NY location at 631-563-3900 to schedule an appointment or even go online to request a free estimate. With our 24 hour response time and additional savings, your bed bug removal is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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