Carpenter Ants Hamptons

If you have a home in The Hamptons, you prefer to know who is living there with you, right?

What if you were informed that you were paying mortgage not only for yourself, but for a home-damaging colony of Carpenter ants that can co-exist within your Hamptons residence for 20 years? Get rid of these uninvited house guests by calling The Bug Stops Here!

Carpenter ants are important decomposers of forest trees, burrowing within the trees to nest and feeding on insects, plants and fruit juices. However, they do move from their native woods to the structures of homes in The Hamptons, looking for water and human or pet food. Although they are slow to cause harm, carpenter ants can do serious damage to a home if they are not adequately controlled.

You will find carpenter ants all over The Hamptons. Wood frame houses without basements, and any building near a forest are likely locations for a carpenter ant nest. These nomadic ants love areas of high moisture, so inspect bathrooms and kitchens and anywhere water leaks are occurring, for wood dust or shavings. While outdoors, tap on evergreen trees and hollow stumps within 300 feet of your home to find the ants. Use a stethoscope or empty glass to listen for rustling sounds. Gently tap joists and rafters with a hammer, listening for rustling or for the hollow sound of excavated wood. Insert a pocketknife blade into wood to confirm your suspicions about an ant colony living within your home.

Our highly trained exterminators from The Bug Stops Here will conduct an initial visit to inspect, identify, evaluate and treat any immediate ant problems within or around the buildings on your property.  This will be followed by the development of a customized interior and exterior service and treatment plan to meet and address your ongoing ant control requirements.

At The Bug Stops Here, Inc., our practice of using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. IPM is used to manage carpenter ant damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment. Scheduled at your convenience, our treatment program offers the highest standards in customer service with 24-hour response time in The Hamptons, on time service, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Print out a coupon and contact The Bug Stops Here for an appointment.  Conveniently located near The Hamptons, we will assess your ant situation so you and your family can rest easy, knowing that your home is free of ants.

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