Carpenter Ants Suffolk NY

If carpenter ants in Suffolk, NY are a problem for you, contact the carpenter ant control and pest control company that Suffolk residents trust. The Bug Stops Here is known to eliminate the carpenter ants Suffolk, New York residents suffer from. We are proud to offer our carpenter ant control and pest control services to Suffolk. Our team has experience dealing with the unique pest issues that occur in the Suffolk area, and are well equipped to handle them.

We use modern methods and an integrated approach to make sure that carpenter ant infestations are handled in a timely and professional manner. We also provide you with useful tips for how to avoid carpenter ant infestations in the future. Some of these helpful tips include:

  • Caulk cracks and crevices around foundations.
  • Trim branches and limbs of trees that touch the building.
  • Keep food in ant-proof containers.
  • Clean up sugary spills.
  • Provide a dry, vegetation-free border.
  • Manage honeydew-producing insects.
  • Have your roof checked by a professional every few years.

If you believe there may be carpenter ants living in your Suffolk home or business please contact our Suffolk location at  631-563-3900. The Bug Stops Here will begin working with you on the carpenter ant control methods that suit your needs.

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