Fleas and Ticks

Flea Control New YorkGot fleas and ticks in your New York living space? If fleas and ticks are making the pets and humans in your family itch and scratch, it’s time to call The Bug Stops Here exterminator team for expert flea and tick pest control.

Fleas and ticks are notoriously difficult to control in and around homes. Here’s why it is important to contact The Bug Stops Here to remove the fleas and ticks from your living space:

  • Fleas and ticks reproduce rapidly inside your home or outside in the yard, laying up to 360 eggs per day!
  • Fleas require blood to survive and reproduce, often preying upon the pets and humans in your household.
  • Not all pesticides are able to kill fleas and ticks when they are still unhatched eggs or in the pupae stage.
  • Fleas and ticks tend to feed and lay their eggs in pet resting areas, in human bedding areas, and in carpeted rooms.
  • Ticks are often found in heavy vegetation and tall grasses where dogs and other animals have been active.

Tick Control New YorkSo, if you see your cat or dog scratch, fleas and ticks may be the reason. To be sure, look closely between the hairs of your pets and see if you can find tiny reddish brown fleas measuring about ⅙-inch in length, or dark reddish brown ticks that measure between ¼-inch or ½-inch in length.

If you find fleas or ticks, contact The Bug Stops Here exterminator team for a free estimate of our commercial and residential pest control services. Even if you don’t see anything, but you can feel them, give us a call and we’ll be happy to remove fleas and ticks from your New York area home or office.

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