Mouse infestation New York
Got mice in your New York home or office? For some people, mice are cute and furry pets. For most of us in New York, mice are unwanted house guests that average 50 droppings per day, per mouse! Not only are mice messy, but they breed rapidly, with each female producing up to 56 offspring per year. They’ll get into your food, live in your home during winter, and can be extremely difficult to control without the assistance of professional exterminators.

Though mice seem less offensive than rats to some people, mice often cause more damage than rats. Here are some of the problems mice cause when they invade your home, kitchen, or office space:

  • Their droppings contaminate your family’s food.
  • Their droppings and urine ruin clothing, furniture, books, and other household items.
  • They gnaw through books, fabric, electrical wiring, etc.
  • When they gnaw through the wires of appliances, freezers, and clothes dryers, they can cause fire damage.
  • Mice transmit diseases, most notably salmonellosis (bacterial food poisoning), when food is contaminated with infected feces.

If you hear mice scurrying around your home or office at night, or if you notice droppings, damage to stored food, or materials used for nesting, you may have a large mice population living with you. Contact our New York-based residential and commercial exterminator team for a free estimate. We will create a pest control plan that will keep mice and other pests away.

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