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Worried about an infestation of moths in New York? The Bug Stops Here, located in New York, has earned a reputation for providing quality pest control services. Our team of exterminator professionals are highly knowledgeable about the insect and can answer any questions you may have about the “Lepidoptera” or moth.

The first step in eradicating an infestation of moths is to accurately identify the insect. Our team of exterminators, at The Bug Stops Here, search for the moth’s unique characteristics before beginning the pest control process. The adult moth’s body length can range anywhere between 6 and 8 mm. The moth’s wings, however, are larger, and range between 9 and 16 mm. Our exterminator team can recognize a moth by its golden brown wings, which are typically separated into four specific quadrants. However, most of the time, you will not actually see a moth in flight. Adult moths rarely fly, and if they do, males moths will usually be the ones in the air.

If you are wondering about where moths hide, our New York-based exterminator team knows exactly where the insect can be found. The first place we look for moths is in your closet. The larvae likes to hide in clothes, especially in animal-based material, such as thick wools and furs. Damage caused by the larvae can be severe, especially since the larvae is hard to detect due to the fact it stays away from all light sources. Adult moths can be found throughout your house and are relatively easier to locate and identify. From May to September, moths will be also be seen outside.

Typically, moths live 2 to 3 weeks, but their lifespan can be affected by a variety of factors. If the temperature, relative humidity, moisture content, and the quantity and quality of food is to their liking, moths can live up to 63 days. If you think your New York home may be infested by moths, it is important to take direct action against the insect. At The Bug Stops Here, our pest control methods include locating the source of the infestation, removing any foodstuffs, and immediately applying an insecticide to the infested areas. If moths have infested delicate furnishings, our exterminator team makes sure to use a non-staining insecticide to get rid of the pesky insect. Since moths can cause severe damage to your New York home, it is important to contact The Bug Stops Here so we can eradicate the infestation as efficiently as possible. Call today to get a free estimate.

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