Pharaoh Ants & Odorous Ants

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants and odorous ants in New York have become a common household infestation. The pesky creatures are known for invading about every inch of your home and leaving behind a multitude of problems. At The Bug Stops Here, located in New York, our exterminator team uses specialized pest control methods to put a stop to an ant infestation.

What is the difference between pharaoh ants and odorous ants? Our New York-based exterminator team is well educated in the subtle differences between the two types of ants. Pharaoh ants are much more difficult to treat than odorous ants. They are known for dividing into colonies and infesting your entire home. Each colony contains several hundred reproductive females, including workers and queens. All it takes for a colony to multiply is 5 workers, 10 pre-adults, and 1 queen. Overall, it does not take much for a new colony to quickly form and spread throughout your home.

Our New York-based exterminator team also knows where to locate the pesky creature. Pharaoh ants are typically found in multi-level complexes, such as apartment complexes, hospitals, prisons, and homes. They like to nest in warm, secluded areas. For instance, if you have a pharaoh ant infestation, you most likely will find a colony of ants in the walls, sub floors, electrical and switch plate boxes, cracks, gaps, holes, or in other similar areas. In hospitals, pharaoh ants can even be found in patients’ wounds, surgical suites, newborn infant secretions, and IV tubes. Yuck! Pharaoh ants clearly cause severe damage and need to be exterminated right away.

Pharaoh Ants and Odorous Ants New York

Odorous House Ant

The next common type of ant, the odorous ant, is found throughout North America. Unlike the pharaoh ant, odorous ants are found on common household surfaces and in storages of foodstuffs. The ants do not bite or sting, but if the problem is not treated, they can multiply quickly and infest your home in large numbers. Our pest control methods include searching for the odorous ants’ nest. Typically, nests can be found outdoors and indoors. Outside, nests are found in a variety of substances, including in mulch, soil, debris, logs, stumps, under stones and under plastic outdoor tarps. Inside, nests are typically found in wall voids, around hot-water pipes and heaters, behind paneling, under carpets or beneath the floor.

Despite the differences, pharaoh ants and odorous are often exterminated the same way. The bait method is the best method because it completely takes control of the infestation. If you use a spray or residual, the ants will separate into smaller colonies and disperse throughout your entire house.

Since pharaoh and odorous ants can cause severe damage to your New York home, it is important to contact The Bug Stops Here so we can eradicate the infestation as efficiently as possible. Call today to get a free estimate.

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