Raccoon Control New YorkWorried about raccoon’s in New York? The Bug Stops Here, located in New York, has both specialized pest control methods and an exterminator team to take care of your raccoon infestation. The “Procyon lotor” can be a troubling problem if not taken care of immediately.

Can raccoon’s cause severe damage to me and my New York home? The answer is yes, they certainly can. Raccoon’s are known to carry a multitude of infectious agents that can be harmful to your health, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Leptospirosis is a common bacteria that raccoon’s carry. The bacteria is often transferred by raccoon urine contaminating a water source. After the first stage’s flu-like symptoms, the second phase of the bacterial disease includes renal failure and liver damage. Luckily, the disease can be treated. Another common disease carried by the raccoon is the Canine distemper virus infection, which spreads from contaminated water and food. Almost indistinguishable from rabies, the virus can greatly affect your beloved family pet. If not caught quickly enough, the virus can be fatal.

At The Bug Stops Here, we have specific pest control methods to stop a raccoon infestation. Our New York-based exterminator team will leave your home with you feeling safe and protected from any outside raccoon invasions. Call today for an free estimate.

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