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Are you having problems with squirrels at your New York home and office? If you are, it would be wise to contact The Bug Stops Here for quality residential and commercial pest control service. Our exterminator team is always happy to solve your squirrel problem and answer any questions you may have about the animal.

Squirrels are commonly found in New York parks and gardens. Typically, the gray squirrel builds its nest in a tall tree away from predators. However, squirrels are known to build nests in your home or office’s roof. At times, they may use materials from your roof to build their nest and often are known to chew your electric cables and roof joints. Chewing your electric cables and roof joints can lead to a potentially dangerous fire situation for you and your family.

Our team of highly knowledgeable exterminator professionals recommend that you follow the pest control methods listed below:

  • Block any access points
  • Repair any damaged parts of your roof
  • Remove any overhanging branches that squirrels can use to gain access to your roof
  • Make sure to check your roof on a regular basis to ensure that no squirrels have taken up residence on your roof

If you have noticed that you have a squirrel infestation problem, contact The Bug Stops Here, located in New York, for a free estimate.

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